Metal forming processes and products for

OEMs and suppliers

Scalable hot metal forming for

high and low production volumes

Meeting the

highest quality standards

HoDforming – the revolution in metals forming.

HoDforming GmbH is aimed at research and development as well as production and distribution of processes and products for the shaping of metals such as aluminum and steel.

The company focusses on high-temperature forming of metal sheets and boards, whereby the forming tools are advantageously tempered. In addition to metal sheets and blanks, hollow bodies as blanks are an additional area dedicated to the development of efficient processes and products.

Meet our highest standards.

The products and processes invented by the HoDforming GmbH are designed to fit the highest standards in all areas. Within the production lines small series can be produced just as quickly as industrial large-scaled series. The developed methods cover a wide range of processable materials and the shape of the blanks is also variable.

The results are just as impressive. It’s possible to define parameters like material thicknesses and miter angles with high precision, and the components produced meet the highest industrial standards with regard to processing quality and durability.